I'm Justina. I'm based out of the wonderful Cleveland, Ohio area. All about travel, following a bunch of podcasts, my incredible fella (Eric, pictured right there next to me), and photography. 

 When it comes to photo, I have a decade of experience between shooting on film & developing prints in the lab and shooting digital & archival printing. My educational background includes a degree in Visual Communication & Design - Photography. I love going to workshops and conferences to learn more about my passion. 

 My professional focus is on portraits and weddings. The thing I enjoy most about being a photographer is creating beautiful work and knowing it will become a piece of my clients' own personal history. I want each and every one of them to know that while I shoot those images, edit and retouch, curate blog posts, and leaf through entire collections; I have the biggest smile and sometimes even tears. Knowing the photographs we took together become a family heirloom and one day, they will be looked on as such a treasure makes me super sentimental. I look at these portraits of clients the same way I lovingly look at pictures of my own family from decades ago.

I'm always happy to meet over cider* or smoothies, let's chat. Thanks for stopping by!


 Thumbtack Best Pro of 2015       

     Justina Roberts Photography



 Shout-out to my awesome photo-friend Kristine Borns for that fly photo of Eric & me! 
*Seasonally speaking, if it's Summer: swap out for a margarita (or two)